All you need to know about our DC

All our hardware is located in one of the most cutting edge and secure data centers in Europe. Our e-shelter data center in Zurich offers the latest standards in availability and energy efficiency, therefore providing the best possible environment for stable work of our infrastructure.

Energy Supply

  • Two independent feeds on the medium voltage level 16 kW
  • Two separate UPS systems (A- and B-supply)
  • Redundant emergency power system with diesel generators


  • Monitoring by e-shelter own 24/7 Security Command and Control Center with security personnel from e-shelter security on-site
  • Standardized security processes and the 7-level security system secure the tenant areas and technical operations
  • Access control via non-contact chip and PIN or optional biometrics signature
  • Secured perimeter zones with electronically monitored security fencing system, incorporating anti-climb and anti-tunneling protection

Technical Operations

  • Monitoring of all critical infrastructure by e-shelter own operation stuff on-site
  • Standardized operation processes with amplified technical systems redundancy in order to ensure maximum reliability


  • At least ten carriers from several, redundant feeds in two Carrier-Meet-Me-Rooms
  • Intersection-free A- and B-duct system for fiber optic cabling
  • Cross-Connects can be realized via dedicated, redundant designed pipelines
  • Internet connections from 1 up to 10 Gbit/s as an additional service