Features Overview


Think BIG. Size really matters. Especially when it comes to the RAM and storage. With our VPS plans you will get really big memory and ssd disk allotments. Our VPSes are based on KVM virtualization. Your RAM and Disk allotments are dedicated and guaranteed.



Our entire platform is equipped with industry-leading native SSDs. This results in extreme high speed and the best performance. Standard for all our customers. We use 10GE networking for storage and uplink throughout our datacenter. This offers tremendous performance boosts for your sites and applications



We aim to use only top-notch hardware resources for the best performance of your websites, that’s why your VPS will be hosted on powerful Eight Core enterprise-grade Quanta servers. 10GE network is backed by redundant Juniper routers.


No waiting

Just order, pay and receive your VPS server in seconds. SSD VPS is about speed and performance right from the start.


Pure SSD storage

We use only SSD disks. It guarantees best read and write speeds for your VPS and will improve performance of your site dramatically.


Outstanding Support

We are always here to help. We will transfer your website at no cost and will consult on any server settings you might need for your project.


KVM Virtualization

Our KVM virtualized VPSes are designed to address a high level of security and performance.


Best Control Panels

To manage and administer your virtual machine, you can optionally choose between Parallels Plesk and cPanel/WHM. Enjoy the best software and user experience in the industry.



Every day after the midnight we copy all the data from your VPS to the separate backup partition. All information is stored for 7 days. This is your guarantee of safety and data loss prevention.